Announcement: Huna Workshop on the Big Island August 2017

Join Isa Gucciardi and Laura Chandler for this seven-day retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. The ancient tradition of Hawaii, sometimes referred to as Huna, is informed by an even older wisdom source that is still held in the land of Hawaii. In this workshop, we will explore the Huna concepts of aka, mana, the three selves, ho’oponopono, and the nature of forgiveness. We will visit sacred sites, including Kilaeua, the active volcano on the island. Using experiential techniques, such as the shamanic journey, we will tap into the power and wisdom of the land. This unique experience will bring you closer to your own personal wisdom, deepen your connection to nature, and offer you new ways of understanding yourself and your experience in the world.


  • Tuition: $2795
  • Kona, Big Island of Hawaii
  • Dates: August 24-31, 2017
  • Lead Instructor: Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.
  • Price includes snacks and some meals.
  • Price includes double room accommodation (private rooms available at a surcharge).
  • Accommodation will have easy access to beaches, restaurants, and shopping.
  • Price includes ground transportation for class related destinations.
  • Participants arrange own air travel to Kona Airport.
  • Participants arrange own air travel.
  • Space is limited. Please reserve soon.
  • For a complete list of our classes please visit the Foundation of the Sacred Stream website.

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