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Listening to the Earth

The shamanic traditions of Hawaii are complex and varied. There seem to be multiple paths within it – some originating from Tahiti and other Pacific islands - and others originating from places further removed.

In the oral tradition of one of the strains of the shamanic traditions found in Hawaii, there is an important story. Max Freedom Long reports this story in his writings based on his research in the Hawaiian Islands in the early 1900's. It is Long who named this tradition "Huna." This is not a name most Hawaiian shamanic practitioners call their practice.

This is because this practice did not originate in the Hawaiian Islands. The oral tradition of Huna indicates that the wisdom held in this strain of knowledge probably originated in North Africa. There is another wisdom tradition in North Africa, that of the Berber people who have lived in isolation for many years in the Atlas Mountains. The Berbers have the identical oral tradition as the one reported to Long.

The story is told that long ago, a group of wisdom keepers foresaw dark times coming for humanity. They determined to leave the place where they were, near the "Red Sea of Kane." This is a place name that appears identically in both traditions. And both traditions speak of the wisdom keepers removing the wisdom for safekeeping in isolated places. There are linguistic traces across Africa, through India and the Pacific for the secret words related to wisdom and spirituality. The words for 'God', 'the practitioners of secrets', and their 'power' are identical in the ceremonial languages of cultures along this route. It is likely the wisdom keepers who brought the wisdom to Hawaii for safekeeping followed this route.

The wisdom held in what is called Huna is quite distinct in practice from the shamanic traditions described in the oral history of other shamanic traditions in Hawaii. And it is this strain of wisdom we study in the Huna classes on The Big Island. We find our way to this place to rediscover what has been held safe here for many hundreds of years.

This wisdom tradition focuses on the true nature of the human being. It is a complex psychological study. It speaks to the way that humans are defined and they way they define themselves. It has almost nothing to do with the oral histories of warfare and human sacrifice that characterize other Hawaiian strains of shamanic practice.

"The Huna tradition of Hawaii is a shamanic tradition with roots far deeper than the Pacific Islands. It is a window into a much more ancient wisdom - one that flows beneath all shamanic and spiritual traditions. Like flowers blooming on the same vine, spiritual traditions draw from a similar source. Just as each flower is unique, each culture is unique in the way that it expresses and preserves specific aspects of this underlying body of knowledge. The Huna tradition offers a rare perspective of this source and a glimpse into the ancient oral traditions that have existed from the beginning of humankind."

- Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. (The Ancient Roots of Huna)

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